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New Map!

owen102 a posted Apr 9, 14
while initially we decided on a default map i remembered a world generator i really wanted to use. so i sent it to joe and we both think it is awesome. so now, Sulphurcraft is proud to say we are using the subterrainia world generator with giant caves! 
People one the surface won't notice much different apart from an elevated y coordinate due to the fact that the underground portion of the map has been multiplied by about 3x. This means that you can expect to find diamonds and the like has high as level 48 and a sea level of about 180. 
please note that the build height has not changed. 
giant caves like the one found near "/warp survival" can be found throughout the world but may be hard to find due to how much stone you may have to dig through in order to find them, but if you do find them there are precious metals and ores embedded throughout the walls of the cave ripe for the picking. unfortunately due to the amount of gravel normally spawned through the generator these caves can cause some initial lag while exploring either logging out and logging in again or just waiting will fix this.
The Sulphurcraft staff thanks you for your support and wishes you happy playing!


[Owner] Wcpjoe a posted Apr 1, 14
For the new map will need to decide what type of map we will pick


Large biome
Amplified Biome

Just chat what you want and what ever has the most votes will be the map picked.
The date this will end is 4/8/14

Looks like its default guys! The map will be changed tonight~
tinyddr3 april....fool..... joke.... i blew the hell outa my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
draykrusha Sorry for all these comments im making but joe what time will it be changed - I i cant wait >_< ...
draykrusha i just noticed, this was posted on 1st of april (april fools day) hope its not a joke ...

Host Problems

owen102 a posted Mar 31, 14
so you may have noticed for the past week (*cough*) the server has been unstable at best. this was caused by a fiber optic cable which we has been cut causing our hosts network to be very slow and sometimes unresponsive. the problem should be fixed soon.
we apologize for the inconvenience.
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