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Me and Owen have been working hard on adding a few more things to the server to make the more interesting!

We have added a spleef arena and another world for those who want to have a challenge! With the new ZombieApoc world we have added a plugin called Monster-Apocalypse. This plugin adds a new challenge to minecraft. The mobs in this world are more dangerous than default mobs. They can see you from hundreds of blocks away!

Be careful Pvp and griefing are allowed! Only on the ZombieApoc world

Want to check it out do /warp HC

Get a friend to play the spleef /warhub

Dont Forget to go vote! 

slyfox1009 joe a made a video of the server so can i have youtuber rank the video is here ...


[Owner] Wcpjoe a posted May 19, 14
Updated the server to 1.7.9!
For this competition you will have until 5/31/2014
You can build anything that you think will impress us
The winners will get the rank Knight this rank is a great title to have in the server~

The only place that will be judged are the plots in the creative world
/warp creativeworld

Need more info? Leave a comment and we will respond.

gamemaster5001 Hi, Its my B-Day on sunday! ...
Skyler2066 Am I one of the judges for this build competition and are we rating on size, detail, and organics.
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