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Its been a while

[Owner] Wcpjoe a posted Oct 28, 14
After the whole bukkit incident the server really slowed down.
So until a reliable plugin API comes out I will not be updating the server.

But once the plugin API does come out I will restart the server redoing every aspect of the server.

So until then I guess ill start playing Skyrim again.

Cya until then!


[Owner] Wcpjoe a posted May 19, 14
Updated the server to 1.7.9!
For this competition you will have until 5/31/2014
You can build anything that you think will impress us
The winners will get the rank Knight this rank is a great title to have in the server~

The only place that will be judged are the plots in the creative world
/warp creativeworld

Need more info? Leave a comment and we will respond.

Emphros Hi, Its my B-Day on sunday!
Skyler2066 Am I one of the judges for this build competition and are we rating on size, detail, and organics.
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